Hi, I’m Chad. I currently work as the Director of Product Solutions at Signal, a company that provides an open identity foundation that facilitates connecting brands to their customers in real-time across any device or channel. I’ve spent the last several years trying to find and hone my passions both personally and professionally; the one constant that has remained throughout my journey: always striving to learn more.

Professionally: The attitude of a job just pays the bills has long passed. I’ve been fortunate to string together a series of agency and start-up opportunities in advertising and marketing technology over the past 10 years, feeding my appetite for all things nerdy.

Personally: It might be ironic to work in a technologically-dependent industry and have an intense nostalgia for creative mediums pre-digital era. I enjoy music without creative constraints and literature printed & bound — the satisfaction of the discovery, collection and consumption of both are unmatched.

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